What is ISNAD?

ISNAD is an education provider which aims to lead communities in Islamic education and learning which is up-to-date, acclimatised to the modern world, transformational, yet infused with the rich values of our tradition.

How does ISNAD work?

Quite simply, we are realising our aim by delivering engaging and innovative courses which draw on the academic and spiritual heritages of Islam as well as contemporary teaching styles.

Why the name?

ISNAD is an acronym for Islamic Sciences of Nurturing and Development; the name sums up what we offer to our learners: The opportunity to not only learn about Islam but to simultaneously undergo a process of self-cultivation and nurturing.

How is ISNAD different?

We understand that intellectual and personal development can be difficult, so we have designed courses which take our learners on a gradual journey of discovery and self-development; one step at a time. This is why we do not provide a "one for all" programme, but instead offer our learners differentiated courses which suit them, to ensure a positive learning experience and progress.

From the beginner wanting to learn about Islam to the advanced student of the Liberal Arts, ISNAD is able to support each individual’s intellectual and spiritual growth.

Where is ISNAD based?

ISNAD’s courses and curricula are delivered in several cities including Birmingham in the Midlands and Manchester in the North.

Who are the teachers?

ISNAD teachers are based across the UK and all have a rich background in Islamic academia. We have detailed biographies of our esteemed teachers on the teachers pages.